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First ice mining op! Mackinaw is my next goal!

by on Dec.24, 2008, under Alliance, Corporation, EVE Online, Mining

Capital Industrial Ship - Rorqual by you.

Wow, got to see a Rorqaul up close in the alliance ice mining operation. There was also mackinaws aplenty while I had to content with mining in a retriever and being relegated to hauling duty for awhile since the retriever’s output couldn’t’ match up the the mackinaw.

Ice Mining Op - Mackinaws by you.

Dark Glitter is apparently the most profitable ice for us to mine and also helps with supplying Liquid Ozone and Heavy Water for POS fuel. With exhumers training finally coming to an end, I hope to be able to contribute more in such ops in the future.

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Corp updates and POS Chains

by on Oct.14, 2008, under Alliance, Corporation, EVE Online, POS

2008. by you.

It has been two months since we moved to Sylph. While things have gone smoothly in some areas, we have also seen lesser activity in the corporation as people adapt to 0.0 life. Our CEO is finally able to join us in a more active role which helps a lot in recruiting new members.

The high-sec sister corporation is also getting some good pilots who will eventually be able to join us in 0.0 to help with the fight against pirates who constantly roam our skies.

I’ve been recently promoted as a Director within the corp and since I’m very interested in the industry side of things have volunteered to help out with taking care of production matters. This entails organizing ops to help produce modules and ships for us to use or sell on the market.

Another interesting project which we manage to get running is having a second Sylramic Fiber chain installed in the moons around Sylph. This provides us with the much needed income to keep things running and having some liquidity towards our own capital ship program (ever since seeing my first capital, I have vowed to be able to build one).

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Taking down a POS.. make sure you get a dreadnought

by on Aug.19, 2008, under Alliance, EVE Online, Fleet, POS

Control tower under siege by you.

Lesson learnt after seeing all those capital ships assembled, to truly enjoy a POS takedown, you need to pilot a dreadnought in siege mode. This quickly transforms the ship into putting out tremendous amounts of damage that makes short work of a POS.

Gas planet provides a nice waiting spot by you.

Our fleet makes short work of the offending POS (they were red, enough said) and assembles at a nearby planet while we take stock of the situation. In my rather tiny incursus, there isn’t much I can contribute but to watch intel channels and observe the proceedings.

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Capital ships.. they fill the sky!

by on Aug.19, 2008, under Alliance, EVE Online, Fleet

Even though I’m a miner, I’ve quickly learnt that even the smallest frigate is appreciated in fleets in 0.0. As a tackler, we can contribute to bringing a red down at the expense of our usually frail but inexpensive tech 1 frigates. My first fleet signup was amusing in that I had not fired a single shot or locked down a single ship before I was downed by hostile fire due to a mix up in POS passwords.

I do however get to view some of the more impressive ships most pilots don’t ever get to see in Empire. From carriers to dreadnoughts.. these capital ships fill the sky when they undock. Seeing them for the first time makes truly appreciate the scale of my training. I send Mica photos of the capital ships and he informs me that the Moros is a ship he hopes to pilot one day. I vow to be able to build one for him when the day comes.

Gallante Dreadnought - Moros by you.

Gallente Dreadnought – Moros

Caldari Dreadnought - Phoenix by you.

Caldari Dreadnought – Phoenix

Amarr Dreadnought - Revelation by you.

Amarr Dreadnought – Revelation

Gallente Carrier - Thanatos by you.

Gallente Carrier – Thanatos

Caldari Carrier - Chimera by you.

Caldari Carrier – Chimera

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Alliance life beckons

by on Aug.14, 2008, under Alliance, Corporation, EVE Online

TGIND leaders have managed to get in contact with several alliances and it seems that Sylph Alliance might be a good fit for our new corporation. Most of us young pilots are uncertain as we have had relative little experience in 0.0 but they promise a NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot) policy which helps promote trade and has the back of Curatores Veritatis Alliance.

POS structure un-anchored and waiting to be scooped up

Part of the moves involves moving all our POS equipment in high-sec into Sylph space and so we spend countless hours un-anchoring them and moving them to a secure location for an alliance jump freighter to help move them safely. The numerous hours in my small cargo Bestower makes me envious of the Iteron Mark Vs hauling twice my load.

Obelisk waiting patiently for the control tower to un-anchor

On the final day of the move, our band of pilots form up a fleet of Ravens, Mammoths and Iterons to move our belongings safely to IS-R7P where we will meet the alliance for the first time. The route into 0.0 space takes us from Kari to YMP where we are warned about the dangers of 0.0 travel. Ignoring the warning, I bravely jump into Providence region for the first time.

The way to IS-R7P proves to be relatively peaceful for us, however we were neutrals in an area of space where reds lurked. With scouts reporting, we make our way to our destination jump after jump. Because of an alliance war dec in progress (war decs are everywhere!), we are unable to join the alliance to make use of the extensive jump bridge network which would have cut the whole trip time. The long trip does allow us to visit some of the outposts along the way that pilots had painstakingly built out in the frontier of 0.0 space.

9UY4-H Deliverance Reclaimed

QR-K85 Karishal’s Folly

IS-R7P Promethia

Reaching our destination was met with relief as some of us had brought our entire life’s possessions to the move. Some of our corporation pilots had not been so fortunate earlier and had lost some 500mil worth of belongings to pirates. This was no empire space as CONCORD had no jurisdiction here.

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